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We know that in every installation some doubts arise from our clients, therefore, we created a questionnaire with the most frequently asked questions in this situation.

How long will the installation of my renewable energy system take?

Before the beginning of the installation, the person in charge of the project will get in touch with you, in order to fine tune details of start and end dates, as well as an estimated time for the implicit procedures of the system to be carried out, if applicable, such as the interconnection and change of the CFE meter in your home. Each project is customized according to your needs, so the duration of each project is different, that is why the person in charge will indicate the approximate time it will take to carry out the installation.

How long will my electricity supply be cut off?

In most cases it is not necessary to interrupt the electricity supply in your home, in case of requiring some special manipulation in your electrical installation, where it is necessary to interrupt the supply, the technician in charge of the work on site will indicate it, and will give you the approximate time that will be required to interrupt the supply, which is usually only a couple of minutes. In case your project is interconnected to the grid, CFE will give us a date for the meter change, which will be communicated to you on a defined date and time. At the time of the meter change, the electricity supply is interrupted for approximately 10 minutes.

Is my presence required at all times during the installation?

To carry out the installation, the project manager will assign you a team of technicians, who will come to your home to carry out the installation, for this, permanent access to the roof assigned for the placement of the modules will be needed, as well as access to the service room, where your load center is located, and access to the area assigned to install the inverter equipment, in case of photovoltaic system, or where the heat pump/minisplit will be installed, as they are areas of constant flow for technicians, the ideal is to have a person on site so you can give access to these areas, if you can not be present, you can tell us to adapt the plan of the day only.

Do I need to manipulate the equipment?

The photovoltaic systems are operated by the inverter equipment, previously configured by our technicians, such configuration allows them to be self-regulating, and automatic, so they do not need to be turned on or off, they operate in automatic mode. The pool heating equipment are also configured to a certain temperature of your choice during installation, they also have the ability to be automatic and operate at the same time of the filter system and pump, own pool, however, our technicians at the time of delivery of the project, will explain how to turn on / off, and modify the desired temperature. For the minisplits, you will be given a remote control to be able to manipulate the equipment as you wish.

Am I going to have any extra cost?

No, at Gecko Solar Energy we strive to offer transparent solutions with no additional surprise costs. Our experts can explain in detail the costs involved in your project.

Is maintenance included?

No, but we have this service in case it is necessary to do some kind of maintenance according to the circumstances.

Do I have to do anything with CFE?

Don’t worry, we take care of all the paperwork with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to facilitate the transition to solar energy.

Will it cost anything to change the meter?

Gecko Solar Energy will arrange for the meter change, and there are generally no additional costs associated with it for our customers.

What is the warranty period?

We offer warranty on our products and services. The warranty time may vary depending on the type of system, but our consultants will provide you with all the necessary information.

How much does solar energy cost?

Costs can vary depending on the size and type of installation. At Gecko Solar Energy, we customize our solutions according to your needs and budget. Contact us for an accurate quote.

How does the solar photovoltaic power system work?

Our photovoltaic solar energy system converts sunlight into electricity through solar panels. This electricity can be used to power your home or business, reducing your dependence on the conventional electrical grid.

How do I install solar energy?

It’s easy! Just contact us and we will schedule a consultation to evaluate your needs. Our team of experts will take care of the entire installation process, from the initial evaluation to the commissioning of your solar energy system.

We hope these questions have been helpful. If you have any other questions, please contact your assigned facilities coordinator by phone at +1 619 826 6600

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